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So K wrote this over the past few weeks. It is by far one of my favorite things she's written in recent months. Essentially, it seeks to answer some crucial questions about what happens after the war and what happens when you have a hollow victory. It also makes you really consider what happens to the losers.

Now, this isn't "The South will rise again," but asks when do our enemies finally become our brothers again? When will their children become ours? And just how much reparation can we abide?

Here's a bit. Follow the link for the rest.

"Optimus stepped into the internment camp...the ‘detention center’ as many had dubbed it. It made his tank churn to step inside. The whole thing sat wrong with him. He had argued the case before the council. They were all Cybertronians. The Decepticons had as much a right to life as any of them. The War was over, they should have been allowed to integrate into society. Freedom was the right of all sentient beings. Faction should play no part in it. But the council had overruled him. Metalhawk and his compatriots had seized control of the council. The NAILS. They had no understanding. The halls were cold and sterile. He hurried down the hallway, he had to hurry or he would have been too late.

“ STOP.” He said, his voice raising for once, echoing through the hall.

The two bots stopped, Starscream sagging between them, clearly drugged. “Prime? The exce--” "


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